Happy 247th Birthday, GGGG Grandmother Jenks!πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆ

On 25 January 1772, in Norton, Massachusetts, Prudence White was born to Nathaniel and Mehitable Morey White.Β  Β At the age of 21, Prudence married Laban Jenks on 22 September 1793, in Cheshire, Massachusetts.Β  Grandparents Jenks were the parents of 14 children: Lucy (1794), Smith (1795), Orrin (1796), Patience (1797), Seth (1798), Polly (1800), Morris (1801) [my GGG Grandfather], Laura (1805), Nathaniel (1806), Diadama (1808), Sophia (1809), Laban, Jr. (1811), Prudence (1812), and William (1814)!

Life with GGGG Grandfather was not stationary. They lived for a time in Adams, Mass, but in 1805 they were at Tioga County, in the Newark Valley, NY, members of the Mass syndicate that bought townships in this region. Grandfather and his brother and cousin had established the hamlet of Jenksville.Β  He built a home and then Grandmother Jenks and the children followed.Β  The house he build in 1795 is still standing and in the family.Β  Tiring of Jenksville, Grandfather moved the family up the road and founded the town of Speedsville where he was the postmaster.Β  But, this was not a sink your roots in the ground stay either.Β  On November 10, 1821, they moved to Bloomfield Township, Oakland County, MI, where they stayed with Daniel Balls for ten days. Laban purchased the north east square in Section 34 and built a log house, the first west of the River Rouge.Β  It is there Grandparents Jenks would spend the rest of their days.Β  Prudence White Jenks passed away 24 June 1835.

Laban and Prudence were laid to rest in the Gilbert Lake Burial Ground, but true to their tradition of not staying put, they were moved in the early 20th century to Section 25 of the Roseland Park Cemetery in Berkley, Michigan, with a great number of others that had been interred at Gilbert Lake.



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