DNA is not an answer, it is a tool, a really great tool, but it cannot be the source of all answers.

That said, I now admit to having taken a number of tests with a number of companies

As of 10 March 2023

Ancestry DNA 47,406 matches

MyHeritage DNA – 12,060 matches

FamilyTree DNA – 4,520 matches (atDNA)

FamilyTree DNA – Big_Y

FamilyTree DNA – mtDNA

23andMe – 4,878 matches

LivingDNA – 616 matches upload from Ancestry results

geneanet – 334 matches upload from Ancestry results

Do not submit a DNA test unless you are willing to accept the results. DNA does not lie — parents, grandparents, etc. might have. Whatever the results you will have to go forward with that knowledge.