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Two Family Birthdays – Two Years Apart

212 years ago, 30 January 1808, in Caroline, New York, my great great grandaunt, Diadama Jenks was born to Laban and Prudence White Jenks, my 4 times great grandparents.  Aunt Diadama was the tenth in a line of 14 children … Continue reading

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185th Anniversary of Great Great Grandparents Weaver.

185 years ago, 29 January 1835, my great great grandparents, Goodlif Weaver (nee Gottlieb Weber) and Anne Lane were wed in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  Grandfather changed his name (converted it into English)  — he could never decide if he was … Continue reading

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136th Anniversary of Cousin Albert and Lizzie Jenks

136 years ago, 26 January 1884, in Springwells, Wayne County, Michigan, Albert Arlington Jenks [my first cousin, 3 times removed] married Elizabeth Jane (Lizzie) Varnham, the daughter of William and Harriet Hollis Varnham.   Albert was the son of Leman Case … Continue reading

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Happy 339th Grandfather Hall!

In Taunton, Massachusetts, on 25 January 1681, my 7th great grandfather, George Hall, was born to Samuel and Elizabeth White Hall.  Today marks the 300th anniversary of his Jack Benny birthday (older readers will understand).  Grandfather married Lydia Dean and … Continue reading

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Happy 310th Birthday, Cousin Abiah!

24 January 1710, in Milford, Connecticut, my first cousin, 8 times removed, Abiah Botsford was born to Timothy and Mary Peck Botsford.  Abiah only lived less than one year, but his name is what caught my interest in the “Now … Continue reading

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Remembering Great Great Grandfather Koontz.

113 years ago, 21 January 1907, my great great grandfather, Ezra Peter Koontz, passed away in Ligonier, Noble County, Indiana.  Grandfather Koontz was born 15 May 1832, in Navarre, Stark County, Ohio, and migrated westward to Indiana.  It was in … Continue reading

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Happy 205th Birthday, Uncle David!

17 January 1815, 205 years ago, in Klein Ingersheim, Würtemburg, my great great granduncle, Johann David Gaertner was born to Alexander Gaertner and Christina Regina Bauer.  Uncle David only lived 2 years and passed away 14 April 1817.   He was … Continue reading

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198th Anniversary of Uncle Georg and Aunt Katherina.

On 15 January 1822, in the Evangelish, Schoemberg, Schwarzwaldkreis,Würtemberg, my great great grandfather’s older brother, Johann Georg Weber married Eva Katharina Kusterer.  They were the parents of three children:  Sabastian, Regina Anna, and Louisa. My research shows that Uncle Georg … Continue reading

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156th Anniversary of Great Great GrandAunt & Uncle Rowe

On 9 January 1864, in Oakland County, Michigan, Emily J. Lee, daughter of Horatio Lee and Hannah Munn, married Frederick Rowe.  I have very little information on my Aunt and her husband.   They were the parents of two sons:  Carl … Continue reading

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Big Wedding Day for the Ancestors

8 January seems to have been a favorite day for a number of my ancestors to wed. In 1595 [425 years ago in England], John Jenks, son of William and Alicia Jenks, married Sarah Fulwater, daughter of Henry and Margaret … Continue reading

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