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Happy Birthday, 10 Times Great Grandfather, Thomas Lawrence.

So, on the 8th of March 1619 (404 years ago), my tenth great grandfather was born. Thomas Lawrence was just another entry in my long line of ancestors, or was he? Grandfather Lawrence has a special location in genealogy history … Continue reading

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Too Many Directions, Too Little Time, Too Many Bright Shiny Objects

I have been trying to keep up my research into the validity of Ancestry’s Thru lines app, but it has taken many different directions and many lines to explore. On the upside, I have been successful in identifying a few … Continue reading

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Reschedule original plan to add comments on the one above / below.

I had planned to go ahead with the next book on my list of why each is taking up bookshelf space in my den when I got sucked into looking at the just prior book and digging deeper into what … Continue reading

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Happy 356th Birthday, Grandmother Isham!

On 21 March 1664, in Barnstable, Massachusetts, Jane Parker was born to Robert and Sarah James Parker.  Jane was my 8th great grandmother.  Grandmother married John Isham, in Barnstable, on 16 December 1687.   They were the parents of nine children: … Continue reading

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Remembering Great Great Great Grandmother Lee.

It was 129 years ago, 26 December 1890, that Hannah Munn Lee, my three times great grandmother passed away at the age of 83.  Hannah Munn was born 11 August 1807, in New York to Noah, Jr. and Mercy Simons … Continue reading

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Halloween is not just for Harry Houdini

I got to thinking about the legend of Harry Houdini and his death and subsequent haunting linked to Halloween — it might be because I live in metropolitan Detroit where Harry died and subsequently is supposed to have come back … Continue reading

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Happy 405th Bday, Grandmother Fuller!

  Jane Lothrop, my 10th great grandmother, was born on 29 September 1614, in Edgerton, Kent, England, to the Rev. John and Hannah Howes Lothrop.  By 1635, Rev. Lothrop had moved his family across the Atlantic Ocean to Barnstable, Massachusetts, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Great Great Great Grandparents, an ocean apart!

Two of my great, great, great grandparents were born on 11 August.  One in Würtenburg; one in New York. Alexander Gaertner was born in 1785 in Klein Ingersheim, Würtemburg, to Johannes Gaertner and Christina Leibbrandt.  He married Christina Regina Bauer on … Continue reading

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Happy 268th Anniversary, Grandparents Isham!

It 268 years ago, 25 April 1751, when Timothy Isham and Rebecca Fuller were married in Bolton, Connecticut.  They were my 6 times great grandparents. Timothy Isham was born 30 May 1725 in Barnstable, Massachusetts, to Isaac and Abigail Lumbert … Continue reading

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Thankful for Grandma Thankful.

Happy 237th birthday, Grandmother Simons!   Thankful Isham [my 5 times great grandmother] was born on 21 March 1752 to Timothy and Rebecca Fuller Isham in Bolton, Connecticut.   She married Jonathan Simons and the couple had nine children:  Thankful, Hannah, Abigail, … Continue reading

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