Projects Underway

I have a number of Genealogical Projects that take up my time:

Hotchkiss, Lee, Munn, Tilden and Other Related Families

This is a manuscript that I found at the Farmington Library. It was prepared as a Project of the Farmington Genealogical Society. No one knows where it came from and neither does the library. I have taken on going through the document and creating a pedigree for the author (whom is unknown). In addition to the structure in the manuscript, I am transcribing whatever information I can decipher from the hand-written document. I also uploaded the full structure (as I go through the document which starts at the author’s furthest ancestor and works its way down) to Ancestry for it to find supporting / correcting documents which could add to the information. There are a number of cited references that I have also been able to pull up and apply to the text. Haithi Trust has been a great resource.

Ancestry Thru Lines

A great number of suggested relationships are given in the app. This project is to verify the “projections” and tie them into my database.

Sellers Family

I found that my lineage has ties to the Sellers Family that was documented in another text. I am working on expanding that text down to my local tree.

The Sprague Family

I found an article in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register on Samuel and Abigail (Sprague) Call. That got me looking into how Abigail fit into my Sprague lineage. Well, that led to a full research project on the Descendants of Tristram Sprague (1550-1630).

Sons of the American Revolution, Supplemental Applications

  • William Lee
  • John Botsford
  • Nathaniel White, Jr.
  • Noah Munn