Bowling – 1908



Post marked Redford, Mich.  Oct 28, 1908.  Addressed to Mrs. Effie Weaver, Tireman Ave cor Scotton Ave, Detroit, Mich.

“Redford, Oct. 22.  Dear Ma,  I can’t come home for tomorrow but can’t you come out to Aunt Ora’s [Ora Lee Churches].  Grandma [Esther Jenks Lee] is going down to A. O. and (over) [to the front of the card, because he had more to say] you could ride up with her.  Uncle Steve [Stephen A. D. Wright, husband of Marietta Lee] wants me to help him tomorrow.   Lee [Weaver].  [and up the side]  I will be home tonight.  Nothing urgent.

In the early 1900s the family was clustered in Southfield, with Effie being the sibling that had moved on to the city and lived in Detroit.   Her sisters Ora and Myra and brother Willy still lived in close proximity to each other.   Willy lived with their mother on Berg Road in the house built by Morris Jenks in 1854.


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