Will I Do? – 1913


Will I Do?    Serie 142   Printed in Germany.

This post card appears to have not been mailed – no stamp, no address, no post mark.  I include it for the picture an for the full text on the back:

“Redford, Mich.   Feb 18, 1913     Dear Cousin, Glad to hear from you, but was surprised that you were in Ohio.  How long have you been there?  I wrote you a letter Sunday evening and sent it to Detroit where I suppose you were.   So, will just write a card today.  How is the weather down there? This is a beautiful day, seems like Spring.  But, was mighty cold last week.

“Uncle Rob [Robert Churches, husband of Hannah Almira (Myra) Lee Churches, Lee’s mother’s sister] is in Nebraska.  They got a telegram last Wednesday saying that Andy Roper [uncle of Robert on his mother’s side] was dead so he and Eddie [Edward Albert Churches, Robert’s brother] started that night.  Aunt Myra had a letter from him Mon.  He shot himself on account of poor health.  Mr. and Mrs. Roper [Robert’s grandparents] feel terrible.   Aunt Myra and the hired man are having all sorts of luck.  Two cows have been sick and last night one horse kicked another one so they had the Dr. to sew up the gash.

“Mamma [Marietta Lee  Wright] was over here yesterday.  Esther [Rebecca Wright, Estella’s sister] can nearly stand alone.

“Grandma [Esther Lee Jenks] is pretty well, says she is going over to Aunt Myra’s tomorrow.   Well, I must go and wash the dinner dishes.   Estelle [Wright Sturman]”

And then across the corner of the card, she writes:

“Write to me as often as you can.  We are glad to know where you are. If you don’t have time to write a letter you can write a card, that doesn’t take long.”

Doesn’t take long unless you fill the whole thing in very small letters!  No wonder Estelle wasn’t able to stamp and send this card — no room for the address.   But, it is good to have a date for when Grandpa Lee was working in Ohio!



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