King Camp Gillette (1855-1932)


OK, first off, took a lot of ______ to name your kid KING!    This is an interesting notification because the reported pedigree that takes to our MRCA, Samuel Camp (1645-1763), I can actually verify!   Samuel is my 8 times great grandfather.   So, as long as Ancestry has not messed up on Cousin King’s pedigree, we are related!    Now I only have one thing to say: #Gillette : WHERE IS MY FAMILY DISCOUNT?  I have been using your products my entire adult life and paying retail.  That does not seem fair for the 5th cousin, 4 times removed of the company founder!!!



About Pat Shaul

Genealogist / Family Historian; Blog started as a record of my Grandfather's post card collection which ran for 15 months. Then, in June, 2017, I changed over to reporting and commenting on notifications from the ANCESTRY app "We're Related" I then started to provide snippets into ancestor biographies on the dates that were significant anniversaries.
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