Luther Burbank – botanist extraordinaire, but family tree not so much…


Luther Burbank was planted by Ancestry as my 5th cousin, 6 times removed.  Unfortunately, they chose to use their favorite linkage method, PRIVATE, to connect what was documented of his pedigree to what they had documented of mine to link to a MRCA, Elizabeth Cooke (1605-1674).  That plus they added five generations to what I have documented evidence to support in my line with no back up to support the next steps.  SIGH!     One clue about PRIVATE — Ancestry would only signify as parent of the next generation, John Walton (1685-1774) — that since they claim in my line the daughter of Elizabeth Cooke was Elizabeth Walton (1629-1674), it looks like PRIVATE might very well be male.  But then again, might not.



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Genealogist / Family Historian; Blog started as a record of my Grandfather's post card collection which ran for 15 months. Then, in June, 2017, I changed over to reporting and commenting on notifications from the ANCESTRY app "We're Related" I then started to provide snippets into ancestor biographies on the dates that were significant anniversaries.
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