Happy Birthday, Aunt Rose!


Roseanah Weaver Fisher 1837-1931 [Winter 1918-1919]

Roseanah Weaver was born 182 years ago, 19 June 1837, in Washington County, Pennsylvania, to Gottlieb Weber [Goodliff Weaver] and Anne Lane [they had 12 children over a span of 28 years, the first in 1836, the last in 1864].  She was the older sister of my great grandfather, Lemuel Weaver.  Aunt Rose was a frequent correspondent to my grandfather in his postcard collection which appears in earlier editions of this blog.

Aunt Rose being born in Pennsylvania in 1837; her younger brother, William Powell was born in Ohio in 1840.  This puts a time lock on when the Weaver / Lane families migrated from Pennsylvania to Ohio.  The migration of the family was in lock step with each other — both Goodliff / Anne and Anne’s parents, the Lanes migrated together.

1837: Washington County, Pennsylvania

1840:  Monroe Twp, Morgan County, Ohio

1842: Perry County, Ohio

The Lane family dates back to the early 1800s in Washington County, Ohio.  Grandfather Weber [Weaver] was born in Baden-Württemburg and appears to have arrived in the United States in 1827.  I am not sure when Gottlieb Weber became Goodliff Weaver but the English version is how he was recorded by Anne in the family Bible.

Roseanah married William H. Fisher on 27 April 1873 in Perry County, Ohio.     Aunt Rose and Uncle William had one son, Charles Elmer Fisher (1874-1944).  Uncle William passed away in 1896.  Aunt Rose passed away in 1931.

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