Happy 160th Birthday, Grandma Weaver!


Effie Clarissa Lee 1859-1945

Effie Clarissa Lee, my great grandmother, was born 3 August 1859, in Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan, to Charles Norton and Esther Jenks Lee.

While on a long visit to her Aunt Minerva Jenks Bolton at Norfolk, Nebraska, she was united in marriage, August 1, 1891, to Mr Lemuel Weaver of Columbus, Ohio. The bride’s dress was of cinnamon brown albatross trimmed with braid. I believe their wedding trip was back to Michigan. They lived a few years in Ohio, but returned to Southfield, Michigan, residing for a while in the old Jenks homestead. They have one son, Lee Goodliff Weaver, born May 15, 1893,

The Reunion Papers of the Jenks Family – Eva Seymour Jenks

Grandma Weaver assisted both my aunt and mother in their school projects of creating a family tree.   These old school papers of both my aunt and mother are what I found in the attic of my grandparent when I was 12 years old and then I was hooked on family history.   Grandma Weaver was VERY PROUD that she was a LEE.  In fact, she insisted that she was a Lee of Virginia and a cousin of Robert E. Lee.   Well, it took me about 35 years to break the code and find out that Grandma Weaver just plain invented that.   She was a Lee of Connecticut!  But, then that lineage led back to 3 Revolutionary War soldiers, a War of 1812 Veteran, and 2 Mayflower passengers!  Her mother’s family, the Jenks line, flowed back to the holder of the first patent granted in North America and two different Colonial Governors and 2 Revolutionary War Soldiers.  As Sgt. Friday used to say on Dragnet, maybe Grandma should have kept “just to the facts”!

Grandma Weaver lived 16 years after Grandfather Weaver died and passed away 11 August 1945.

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