Happy 133rd Birthday, Cousin Albert!


Albert Louis Jenks, DPD


My second cousin, twice removed, Albert Louis Jenks, was born 133 years ago on 14 July 1887, to Albert Arington and Elizabeth Jane Varnham Jenks.    Albert was the second of seven children.   On 8 July 1909, Albert married Ethel Louise Ferrington in Farmington, Oakland County, Michigan.   They were the parents of four: Arlington John (1911), Evelyn Bernice (1913), Walter Albert (1915), and Winona Elizabeth (1917).

As recorded on page 205 of The Reunions of the Jenks Family of Oakland County, Michigan – 1911-1927, by Evelyn Seymour Jenks:

“Albert Arlington Jenks, Jr., [not sure why Aunt Eva changed his name, but all of the legal documents, including his birth records show it as Albert Louis] was born July 14, 1887, was married September 21, 1907 [according to the Michigan Marriage Records, the date 8 July 1909 is the correct date], to Miss Ethel Ferrington of Redford. Their family consisted of four children, Arlington John – born July 9, 1911, named after his two grandfathers, and a month old at the time of the first Jenks reunion.

“Evelyn Bernice was born January 18, 1913, and was reunion baby at our 2nd reunion [ed note: possibly the third] held at Aunt Esther Jenks Lee’s. Walter Albert, called Dick for short [strange nickname ?], born April 24, 1915 was reunion baby at Robert Churches – 1915, and Wenona Elizabeth, the youngest, was born March 15, 1917. Albert, or Al as he is called, followed in his father’s footsteps and for years has been on the Detroit Police force. But, by some oversight, I have no knowledge of their place of residence, only Detroit, Michigan, neither street or number.”

Albert was on the Detroit Police force and also had a farm in Oakland County where he retired.   Albert died in the township of Union Lake, Oakland County, Michigan on 13 October 1957.  His wife, Ethel, survived him until 4 March 1968.  Both are buried with family members dating back to his great grandfather, Morris Jenks, in the Southfield Cemetery, Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan.

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