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Esther Jenks Lee

Charles Norton Lee

My Great Great Grandparents, Charles Norton Lee and Esther Jenks Lee.

Grandfather Lee was born on 13 March 1833, to Horatio and Hannah Munn Lee. He passed away on 23 October 1905, in Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan. It is through Grandmother Hannah Munn Lee that I have traced my Mayflower Ancestry.

Grandmother Lee was born on 24 October 1832, in Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan, to Morris and Almira Botsford Lee. She passed away on 10 February 1918, in Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan. It is through Grandmother Esther Jenks Lee that I have traced my Sons of the American Revolution Ancestry.

Their marriage occurred on 25 December 1855, in her father’s home in Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan. The home was built in 1853 on land Morris Jenks started to farm in 1822. Both Charles and Esther were born in Michigan prior to Statehood.

I happened to have pictures of each, part of photos that belonged to my grandfather, inherited by my mother, and passed on to me. I uploaded each to #MyHeritage to enhance and colorize. Then on 25 February 2021, it was announced that MyHeritage had added the feature to animate a photograph. So, of course, I gave it a shot. I am not sure about the movements that each of the subject are being given, but I do like the 3D rendering. It adds perspective.

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