Another refugee from my grandparents’ attic

I am not sure why my mother decided to save this little table that was always in her parents’ attic (at least during my lifetime). Possibly, because the upstairs room was shared by her and her sister and the table was in use during the time they lived in the house?

Now, when my mother rescued this little table from the sale at my grandparents’ home during the clean out as my grandmother was moving to an apartment after selling the 1929 purchased home. she asked my cousin to refinish it. The table is now in the finished state, with both leaves extended and held up by the wooden supports that are hinged and fold out of the way when the drop leaves are in their down position.

The manufacturer’s label on the inside of the bottom drawer [thank you, Bruce, for preserving it during your refinishing] says “Conrey-Davis, Shelbyville, Indiana” In looking up the manufacturer, I found that Shelbyville claimed to be “Little Grand Rapids” and as the Furniture City of the “Middle West”. The claim was based on the quality of the product and the world wild demand for the furniture produced.

Many families were drawn to Shelbyville by the need for workers and craftsmen.  Indiana had an abundance of white oak and walnut trees.  The railroad, well established by now, brought the lumber in and took finished products to their destination.

The table now resides in the room with my great grandmother’s side chair (see earlier post on the flower carved back chair that my mother recreated the seat cover with needle point flowers]


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