And then, back to the Norman Conquest of England …

The book on the Lee family pointed me to this book on the Stevens GenealogySome Descendants of the Fitz Stephen Family in England and New England by C. Ellis Stevens, 1905

As an introduction, the book begins:

“The Norman house of the Fitz Stephen originally too its cognomen from the Christian name borne in honor of St. Stephen, the first martyr of the Church. “

The line of pedigree begins with Airard Fitz Stephen, a nobleman of Normandy who placed by William the Conqueror in command of the “Mora”, the ship presented by his Duchess, and eventual Queen, Matilda of Flanders for his personal use in the fleet conveying Norman forces to England for the Battle of Hastings, 1066.

The line continues down to the parents of Elizabeth Stevens, the Honorable Thomas Stevens, an officer in the military expedition against the Dutch of New York during the War between England and the Netherlands in 1654. Elziabeth was my 7 times great grandmother. Thomas was my 8 times great grandfather. Tracing the pedigree back Airard Fitz Stephens was my 28 times great grandfather.

The book goes into great detail on the rewards Airard was given for making it possible for William, Duke of Normandy, to eventually become William, the Conqueror, King of England. There are also additional histories of the others in the direct line. Many nobles and landed family members. The final entry was for 8 times great grandfather, Thomas Stevens Thomas was born in England, but came to North America as part of the English Army, and stayed. He was one of the founders of Killingworth, Connecticut; was a member of the General Court form 1671-1683. Thomas died in Connecticut on 18 November 1685. His daughter, Elizabeth, my 7 times great grandmother, married Edward Lee in 1687 and this continued my Lee line down to my great grandmother Effie Clarissa Lee who married, Lemuel Weaver.

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