Smile d— you, Smile! 1910


Smile d— you, smile!  copyright 1910, By Taylor Art Co.   Series 707.

Post mark is unreadable other than 1910 Mich.   Addressed to Lee Weaver, City of Cleveland, C/O D & C Line (then the City of Cleveland, C/O D & C Line were crossed out and Tireman Ave, Detroit, Mich. was written in.

“You were making a howl a while ago because I did not answer your letter.  This makes the 2nd time I have written without and answer. Over (the rest is continued around the outside border of the card) so keep you mouth shut about my writing after this.  Let me hear from you soon CapN.”

Have no idea who the author was.  Obviously written to my Grandfather when he was working on the City of Cleveland but after he was done for the season since it was then sent on to his house on Tireman.



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Genealogist / Family Historian; Blog started as a record of my Grandfather's post card collection which ran for 15 months. Then, in June, 2017, I changed over to reporting and commenting on notifications from the ANCESTRY app "We're Related" I then started to provide snippets into ancestor biographies on the dates that were significant anniversaries.
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