Hayes Hall, OSU, Columbus, Ohio – 1919


621.  Hayes Hall, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.  Published by Haenlein Bros., Columbus, Ohio.

Post marked Columbus, Ohio. Feb 19, 1919.  Addressed to Mrs. Lee [Florence Koontz] Weaver, 92 Tireman Ave. Detroit, Mich.

“Fay [Dwight Fay Koontz, Florence’s cousin, the son of Orrin Deforest Koontz] and I will be up either Mar 7 or 8.  Don’t tell Ethel [Koontz Griste, their sister who lived in Toledo].  I will only stay the day so Fay may stay longer.  As ever, Heinie [Henry Allen Koontz, Florence’s brother who lived in Columbus]”

Orrin and Casmear (Florence’s father] were brothers.  Florence always said her father insisted his name was really C.P. — probably because he really disliked his name.  Not sure why Fay chose that name instead of Dwight other than the German custom of using the middle name as the call name.  Fay would continue to visit Florence and Lee through the years.   Apparently, Uncle Heinie did not want to have to stop in Toledo to visit with Aunt Ethel on this trip.

Hayes Hall was named for President Rutherford B Hayes, not the OSU Football Coach Woody Hayes (even though he was probably a student there in 1919)  —



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