Stephen Amell


OK, Ancestry has jumped from into the Entertainment industry with 9th cousin, once removed, Stephen Amell (I am sure my granddaughter will be impressed!).  Again, not sure what they are doing with the pedigree run — 7th great grandmother on my chart shows PRIVATE — #PRIVATE #1600s why?   The entry should have been (I have properly documented the mother of Thomas Morey (1709-1775) and  the daughter of Thomas Lewis (1633-1709) to be Hannah Lewis (1662-1717).  So where is Ancestry getting this PRIVATE ?  And it appears that “Cousin Stephen” has some secrecy in the 1700s because the child of Hannah’s brother, John Lewis (1660-1735) and parent of Benjamin Slack (1733-1818) is PRIVATE and does not indicate either father or mother.  Now that is really private!

On the up side, out MRCA, Thomas Lewis (1633-1709) is a verifiable 8th great grandfather of mine.  So, if Stephen’s pedigree is correct, the family circle has expanded.



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