Eliza McCardle Johnson — FLOTUS


Eliza McCardle is reported to be my 7th cousin, 3 times removed, through our MRCA, Mary West (1579-1647), the projected grandmother of Isaac Lawrence (1652-1731), my 7 times great grandfather and not quite the furthest ancestor I have documented in that lineage.  My documentation shows Isaac’s father as being Isaac Lawrence; We’re Related # 417 shows John Lawrence (1609-1667).   Were John and Isaac the same person, just recorded as different names?  Were they brothers and Mary West was the mother of both?  Or, do I have to impeach this report as invalid?  Some research needs to be done!

A very long time ago, in report # 70, Eliza was reported as my 7th cousin 4 times removed through our MRCA, Thomas Harris (1586-1682), the great great grandfather of Dinah Harris (1702-1796), my 6 times great grandmother and a frequent mention as the end of my documentation line.  She appears so often, I have better move research of her lineage up in priority!!!!

The two reports cross for Eliza at her great grandparents: # 417 Sarah Exum (1713-1794) and Joseph Philips (1740-1777), parents of Joseph Philips (1763-1822).

I must admit, I am intrigued by the whether or not Mary West is an ancestor and if the wife of one of the two Presidents of the United States to stand trial for impeachment is a cousin.   Definite TO DO LIST item!!

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