Shared birthday of two 4 times great grandfathers!!!

11 June marks the anniversary of the birth of two of my 4 times great grandfathers.  Simeon Botsford was born 11 June 1763 in Derby, New Haven, Connecticut to John and Dorcus Warren Botsford.   Laban Jenks was born 11 June 1772 in Smithfield, Rhode Island to Jesse and Mary Smith Jenks.  Laban’s son, Morris, married Simeon’s daughter, Almira, on 20 November 1828, in Bloomfield, Oakland County, Michigan, where both families had migrated.

In the list of Connecticut Revolutionary Pensioners, p24, appears “Botsford, Simeon, wid. Esther, R 1051. The widows claim for pension was rejected on technical grounds. This implies Simeon served in the Revolutionary Army from Connecticut — he would have been just 16 when the war began.”

Michigan Pioneer Records (from the Archives of Michigan Database), Pioneer Record 85:

Botsford, Simeon 1763-1831
m 1792 Esther Clark

Chloe, Mary, Esther, Anna, Betsey, Abner, Simeon Jr, Almira, Levi, Wm Clark, Aressa

And as for Grandfather Jenks :

The Jenks Family of America – William B. Browne

They lived for a time in Adams, Mass, but in 1805 they were at Tioga County, in the Newark Valley, NY, members of the Mass syndicate that bought townships in this region. On November 10, 1821, they moved to Bloomfield Township, Oakland County, MI, where they stayed with Daniel Balls for ten days. Laban purchased the north east square in Section 34 and built a log house, the first west of the River Rouge.

While in NY, Laban was Captain and then Lieut. Col of the Militia in Tioga, Co.

He was a high Mason and took a leading part in organizing lodges throughout the state of Michigan where he and his family were highly respected.

(Two brothers, Laban and Elisha Jenks, and Michael Jenks, a cousin of these, all from Worcester, Mass, settled early on Owego Creek, near Speedsville, and their descendants were once numerous, and, of whom, some remain in town. They probably arrived here about 1800. Samuel Jenks of the same stock came in the year after the Humphreys (1814). Laban Jenks settled first below Speedsville on the Berkshire side of the creek. This land he traded for 400 acres covering most of the site of Speedsville. There he opened a little store and began to barter with those around him, thus gathering a little hamlet which was called Jenksville. Mr Jenks had a large family of boys. He removed to Michigan about 1825.

Laban Jenks, assessor, first town meeting of Caroline, April, 1811 – “Landmarks of Tompkins County, NY” edited by John H. Selkreg, p 283).

And, with regard to Grandfather’s service in the War of 1812

From: Military Minutes of the Council of Appointment of the State of New York, 1783 – 1821, Vol I, pp 773-774:

Tioga County

The brigade of militia in the county of Tioga:

William Scott, captain; Laban Jenks, lieutenant; Jasper Taylor, ensign — of a new company.

pp 1163-1164:

Tioga and Broom Counties:

Artillery Company – first battalion, Sixth regiment:

Laban Jenks, captain; James Baird, lieutenant, John Mulks, ensign.

Grandfather Botsford passed away 10 August 1831.  Grandfather Jenks passed away 15 Septemer 1829.  Both in Oakland County, Michigan.

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