Double Birthday Bonanza !

On 16 July 1771, 248 years ago, my 4 times great grandfather, William Lee was born in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, to William and Eunice Hotchkiss Lee.  William married Mary Summers on 27 May 1793 and the couple had eight children: born in Guilford, Chauncey (1794), William (1796), Harvey (1798), Horatio (1800) [my three times great grandfather), then in West Bloomfield, NY, Mary Ann (1804), George (1806), Richard (1808), and Norman (1811).   By the early 1820s, Grandfather and Grandmother Lee had brought the entire family west and settled in Oakland County, Michigan.  Both Grandfather and Grandmother are buried in the Quaker Cemetery in Farmington (their gravestones appear in earlier blog posts).

Also on 16 July, but in 1647, 372 years ago, my 8 times great grandmother, and William’s great great grandmother, Lydia Thompson was born and baptized 8 days later in New Haven, Connecticut, to Anthony and Katherine Thompson.   On 20 September 1665, in New Haven, Connecticut, Lydia married Isaac Cruttenden.  The pair had nine children, all born in Connecticut: Isaac (1666), Lydia (1668), Elizabeth (1670), Deborah (1673), Samuel (1675), Hannah (1678) [my 7 times great grandmother, and William’s great grandmother], Jabez (1680), Mehitable (1682), and Naomi (1685).    Lydia died in December, 1729

From History of Guilford, CT, by R. D. Smith

Nathaniel Whitfield, Wm. Johnson, William Seward, William Stevens, Richard Hubball, Isacc Cruttenden (son of Abraham), … took the oath of fidelity May 4, 1654.

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