Happy 147th Birthday, Cousin Anna May!


Burke and Anna Hodges


On 25 October 1872, my first cousin, three times removed, Anna May Jenks, was born in Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan, to Leman Case and Lucinda Crandle Jenks.  She was the second of three children in birth order for her parents, but the third in birth order for her father as he also had an older son from his earlier marriage.

As recorded on page 200 of The Reunions of the Jenks Family of Oakland County, Michigan – 1911-1927, by Evelyn Seymour Jenks:

“And October 25, 1872, a little sister, Anna May joined the home circle.  A few years later, after they moved onto a farm of their own (now the home of their son, Justin) and on May 23, 1878, their youngest child, Emma Alice, was born.”

Anna married Warren Burke Hodges on 3 May 1897, in Pontiac, Oakland County, Michigan.  Also, as recorded on page 208-209 of The Reunions of the Jenks Family of Oakland County, Michigan – 1911-1927, by Evelyn Seymour Jenks:

“Anna May, oldest daughter of Leman and Lucinda Jenks, was born October 25, 1872.  She was a graduate of the Farmington High School and was married in Pontiac by the Rev Mr. Aldrich, May 3, 1897, to Mr. Warren Burke Hodges, only son of Mr. Duane and Harriett Hodges of New Hudson.  The bride’s dress was a beautiful tan worsted shot with red and yellow silk threads.  They had no attendants.  They were the parents of two children.  Baby Hodges who was born April 23, 1902, and died May 11, 1902.  And Harriett Lucinda (namesake of her Grandma Jenks and Grandma Hodges), born November 10, 1904.  Miss Harriett was a graduate of the Milford High School.  She, with her cousin, Harriett Lucinda Jenks Gibbons, read the History and Review for the absent Historian at the 11th Jenks reunion held at Mr. Laverne Sturman’s, August 12, 1922.  This Historian had the enjoyment of attending her first surprise birthday party and hopes the company that surprised her at her last birthday had as fine a time and as much fun as at the first when Burke and the trailer raced with Grandpa Hodges and the old horse.

“Many pleasant gatherings have been held in the home of Burke and Anna Jenks Hodges.  Birthday parties, family meetings, and the Jenks reunion held at their home was very much enjoyed by everyone present.  Their present home is in the pleasant town of Milford, Michigan.”


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