Happy 221st Uncle Seth!

221 years ago, my third great-granduncle, Seth Jenks was born on 11 November 1798, in Adams, Berkshire, Massachusetts, to Laban and Prudence White Jenks.    Uncle Seth was one of the children of Laban and Prudence, my 4th great grandparents, that was not covered by Evelyn Seymour Jenks to the family reunions – The Reunions of the Jenks Family of Oakland County, Michigan – 1911-1927.    He is mentioned on page 16: Uncle Smith Jenks was one of the early pioneers of Oakland County.  He came to Michigan from NY in 1822 with his brothers Orren and Seth. ”

Uncle Seth married his distant cousin, Levinia Jenks, daughter of Michael and Sarah Hunt Jenks, on 4 November 1821.  Seth and Levinia were the parents of 7 children: Nancy (1822), Melintha (1823), Cynthia (1826), Ransom M (1828), Sylvia (1832), Austin T (1834), and Albert (1837).  Apparently, Uncle Seth did not stay in Michigan as all of his children were born in New York.  Aunt Levinia passed away on 10 November 1846, and is buried in the Speedsville Cemetery, Speedsville, Tompkins County, New York.

Uncle Seth the married Juliette Legg.  They were the parents of one son, William Delaney Jenks (1850).

At some point, Uncle Seth returned to Oakland County as he died in Bloomfield Township, Oakland County, Michigan, on 27 July 1877, while visiting his son, William.

As it was reported in Oswego [New York] Gazette, Thursday, August 30, 1877: “Noting death of Seth Jenks: William who resides in Michigan in 1877; Seth who died at William’s house “some six weeks ago.” aged about 79 years on his way home from a visit to Speedsville where he lived until about 1861 when he repaired to Nashua, IA.”    Juliette preceded him in death on 20 August 1871 in Charles City, Iowa.

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