Two Family Birthdays – Two Years Apart

212 years ago, 30 January 1808, in Caroline, New York, my great great grandaunt, Diadama Jenks was born to Laban and Prudence White Jenks, my 4 times great grandparents.  Aunt Diadama was the tenth in a line of 14 children for Grandparents Jenks.  When her parents migrated to Bloomfield, Oakland County, Michigan, in 1820, she was part of the entourage.  Aunt Diadama married Darius Thayer, son of  William and Eunice Farnham Thayer on 2 January 1832 in Oakland County, Michigan.  Darius and Diadama were the parents of only 5 (nine short of her parents 14) children: Seth Darius, Eli (1832), Emily (1840), Ellen (1842), and Franklin William (1847).  The Thayer famliy settled in Groveland Township and that is where Aunt Diadama passed away on 3 December 1893, almost 9 years to the day after Uncle Darius.

As a bit of trivia — even Google cannot come up with any meaning for the name Diadama.  It was quite common in New England in the 18th and 19th centuries, but there is no definitive source meaning.

The second birth I have recorded on 30 January was in 1810, in Salisbury, Connecticut, and it was my great great granduncle, Levi W. Botsford, son of Simeon and Esther Clark Botsford, also my 4 times great grandparents.  Uncle Levi also found himself positioned in the midst of the pack — child number 9 of 11.  Uncle Levi married Mary Amanda Park, daughter of Joseph and Lucy Jenks Park on 25 February 1835 in Oakland County, Michigan.   Long time readers will recognized the maiden name of Aunt Mary’s mother [Lucy Jenks Park was Aunt Diadama’s sister].  Well, Aunt Mary happens to also be my first cousin, 4 times removed.  Luckily, they have no genetic relation to each other.  Uncle Levi and Aunt Mary removed to Racine, Wisconsin and there raised their family of five children: Marion Iona (1838), Edwin (1842), Charles (1852), Oliver F (1855), and Fred Herbert (1858).  Uncle Levi kept in contact with his sister, my great great great grandmother, Almira Botsford Jenks.  A sample of his correspondence form 1874 is below:


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