185th Anniversary of Great Great Grandparents Weaver.


From the Weaver Family Bible — Anne Lane Weaver

185 years ago, 29 January 1835, my great great grandparents, Goodlif Weaver (nee Gottlieb Weber) and Anne Lane were wed in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  Grandfather changed his name (converted it into English)  — he could never decide if he was a 1-f or a 2-f Goodlif or Goodliff.  Apparently, Grandmother opted for the single f.

Goodlif was born Gottlieb Weber on 7 January 1806 in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg.  He migrated to America with his father, brother and sister.  All settled in Washington County, Pennsylvania, where he met and married Anne Lane, daughter of Richard and Mary Gayer Lane.   Anne was born 3 June 1817, in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

As recorded on the rest of the family pages of Grandmother’s Bible, there were twelve (12) children from this union:

Born in Washington Co, PA

Mary Ann (1836-1836), Roseanah (1837),

Born in Monroe Twp, Morgan Co., OH.

William Powell (1840),

Born in Perry Co. OH

Elizabeth Jane (1842), Margaret Anne (1844), Charles Louis (1847), Christiana (1849), David Shreider (1855), Jasper P (1855), Lemuel (1857) [my great grandfather], George Adam Hempleman (1861), and Eric (1864-1864).

The birth place of the children made it easy to track the migration of the family from where they started in Pennsylvania to their final settlement in Perry County, Ohio.  Interesting side note:  Anne’s parents and younger siblings followed the same migration path.

Grandmother passed away 14 October 1867 in Perry County, Ohio.  Grandfather passed one month later on 15 November 1864.

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